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Sustainable Danish design for waste sorting

Waste sorting should be easy and manageable - every day. ReCollector brings you a sustainable solution for your recycling, in an attractive Nordic design. You can put together the sorting boxes to suit your needs, and in a choice of attractive colours.

ReCollector recycle bin

Waste sorting made beautiful

Waste sorting does not need to be difficult or unhygienic. With ReCollector, you get an easy, manageable and attractive solution for your recyclable waste. The solution is aesthetically pleasing to look at, and combines practicality with stringent, Danish design. And the closing mechanism reduces the smell of waste.

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Functional and flexible

A sorting box makes optimum use of your space. You're no longer forced to store your waste under the kitchen sink, where space is already tight for sorting all the different recyclables. ReCollector offers a flexible solution, where you get to choose the exact number of containers you need.

ReCollector recycle plastic
ReCollector recycle ease

Sustainable design

ReCollector enables you to protect the environment and have a design that fits into your home. While the solution helps make your household more sustainable, the product itself has also been made with the future climate in mind - which is why it's made in Denmark from recycled - and recyclable - plastic.

Easy to do the right thing

ReCollector makes doing the right thing both easy and attractive. Finally you can act responsibly and save the environment without compromising on aesthetics. These flexible and beautiful solutions make waste sorting easy, allowing you to make a difference and have peace of mind.

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Your waste is a recyclable resource

The focus on waste recycling is rising, and with good reason.

Recycling reduces our CO2 emissions, and saves our fossil fuels rather than burning the waste.

ReCollector's new design for waste sorting makes looking after our environment easier and more attractive.